Marathon of 2014

Hello welcome to blog where you will learn all the fascinating things that I do! Alright and some of the less fascinating things, but we’ll take this day by day.

I’m Marissa, I live a pretty ordinary life through some extraordinary circumstances! I have Cystic Fibrosis which also comes with a laundry list of other problems but we’ll dissect those slowly and over time so no one gets to bored. I live in the chilly state of Michigan where some nights we’re still struggling to stay above freezing an odd form of torture if you ask me. I’ve had a brilliant life so far in my 21 years but I’m looking to do even more with the time I have left! Hopefully this page will allow me to stay on track and get things done!

I recently did something crazy and signed up for a half marathon this coming November at Disney! What makes this so crazy? I currently can’t run 10 feet and I’m hopefully just getting past the point where I’ve been my sickest so far. I’ve been constantly sick since October and in November I had to leave my Disney College program in Florida to go home and get treatment and it was everything but successful. On a better note I am in the beginning phases of feeling healthier so I intent to start working towards my half marathon! Oh i forgot to mention I also signed up for a 10 mile run in October at Disney World! If we’re counting thats 23.1 miles  in two months! Not including the Disneyland 5k which I may have also signed up for. This just means a lot of running a lot of water and a lot of tired!

You can track my journey here! Wish me luck!


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