Month: October 2014


It’s been a while since I’ve updated and for a good reason, nothing has been going on. My health has been pretty poor over the past month and with the cold weather outside it’s been hard for me to get going. I’ve not given up i’ve been doing short walks of 4 miles on average but they’re been slower then average.

I am hoping to get a treadmill in the very near future, I can only hope that it will give me enough time to get my 13.1 miles down. I could really use some well wishes about now!



On saturday evening I participated in Run Disney’s Tower of Terror 10 Mile run. The run started in Hollywood studios parking lot and ended inside the park 10 miles later after looping through the Animal Kingdom gates and the ESPN Wide World of Sports center. I will have a video of the run coming in the next couple days, but for now I’ll write out an overview of the event!

I was placed in corral i one corral above the last one, which gave me an extra 5 minutes or so to start and get going. I was extremely nervous I had been having anxiety attacks on and off all day about the run. The week before I had just finished up a round of IV Antibiotics for Pneumonia and I was still combatting a severe sinus infection. My farthest run since being sick had only been 6.2 miles.

I decided that the best method for starting out was to take it slow. When I attempted the run last year I started by running right away and it took everything out of me in the first mile. This time I would stick to the right side and take the course easier in the beginning.

I reached mile three without a problem! It was a miracle, I had my own celebration realizing I was already going farther then I had the year before. An accomplishment in itself, and while I wasn’t confident I would finish making mile marker three was my minimum goal. The next goal was mile 5.

Mile 5 came without an issue, but I started getting nervous when I looked behind me and I could see the end of the pack. ┬áThe cast members on the side of the course let us know we were 1:15 above pace. It made me nervous because it didn’t sound like much, especially not for a walker.

Mile 6 rolled around pretty quick, but I was only 45 seconds above pace and my anxiety was growing. I knew ESPN was around mile 7 and I kept telling myself “If you can get to the trails at mile 7 you can get ahead.”

Mile 7 I was :30 seconds ahead of pace, and I could really see the balloon ladies coming up behind me. This is about the point i started to run. I took notes from Jeff Galloway and I ran in short jaunts and then would walk until I had caught my breath. I tried finding a pace that worked best so I didn’t walk to slow.

I did stop once for pictures during the run, just a quick selfie though:


This is Alan! I went to high school with him, and we did the Fall 2013 college program together. When his CP ended he went full time at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Mile 8 came slow I kept eating these energy chews that run disney handed out in the bags with the run bibs. They were pretty tasty. Cliff makes them I think and the flavor was Cran-Razz.

We entered park before reaching mile 9 and upon entering the park everyone was cheering because at the point you will no longer be swept, everyone is free to finish at their own pace. This is about the point I started to cry.

I started the day unsure if I would finish, and there I was approaching the end of the line successfully. I had so much anxiety about letting down the people who had been following my journey and letting myself down, but I had done it. 10 miles out of 26.1 were finish!


It is one of the best feelings i’ve ever had. I flew home the next day, and I spent most of today sleeping and I’m still exhausted. I will be posting a video and more details about the run soon! I just had to share!

here are the run stats:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.03.42 PM