Month: August 2014

Lets turn 10k into 10 miles!

I know I made the goal to do 7k the other night, well we got storms. So I set out on my mission last night around 7pm. I got to my usual turn around point and decided I would just keep going. It wasn’t long before I had gotten back to the cross roads and I decided instead of going back the way I came, I would go around the big block.

I ended my walk with a record distance of 10 Kilometers or 6.22 miles, and it only took me 1:57. That might not be the most beautiful time, but my average pace was around a 17:50 minute mile, my fastest average yet. The best part of this long walk, was that I really enjoyed it. I finally found a great playlist that keeps me energized and motivated to keep going.

My goal for the next week is to get up to 10 miles of distance. I want to spend the whole month of September working on my pace so that I can confidently go into my 10 mile run in October.

Here are a couple pictures from my walk last night:




This coming saturday I will be participating in the Flint Crim Festival of Races 5k walk. My dad and I will be doing it together, and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Wish me luck!


I’m Back Up and Running

So I took some time off for a wedding, but this week is going to be my redemption. I got back into walking last week and I was really discouraged because I was doing poorly and on top of that I really wasn’t feeling the greatest. Well I did something crazy to force myself into being more motivated and I signed up for an 8k this weekend with one of my friends from high school. We will be participating in the Crim Festival of Races 8k walk this coming saturday. The crazy thing is I also have a baby shower to go to that afternoon it’s going to be interesting weekend. 

To get back in the swing of things I have been working on getting my distance back up. I did a 5k yesterday evening and I was disappointed when it was over an hour (1:05 to be exact). I set out this evening to do a 6k and while I didn’t meet the distance I did do 5k in 55 minutes! I was really excited to have it under and hour and shaving off 10 minutes over night wasn’t to bad. It gives me a lot more faith in my ability to complete my 10 mile run in October. 

My favorite part of my walk this evening though is that I also had my fastest mile yet. It was a glorious 16:37. It might not be an olympic pace, but thats my fastest mile yet! It is so encouraging to see my time improving, it really lifts my spirits from the poor month i’ve had. It’s definitely motivated me to keep going!

Tomorrow’s goal is 7k, which me luck!

Why Do I Run?

I have been asked quite a few times over the past few months why I am running, and I have come to a point where I give the generic response that I want to be healthier. I’ve said that so many times that it doesn’t even seem to mean anything anymore. The reason I am running is because I have Cystic Fibrosis and my lung are failing me. I run because if I don’t keep trying to get somewhere I won’t become anymore then I already am. I run because I’ve lost two friends to this disease and I refuse to sit and wait to be with them again, I will run for them because they cannot.

I have always said that I would never put my name on a charity, that I could never raise money in my own name. It’s always felt like a dirty thing, like a selfish thing to me. What does it mean to raise money in your own name when there are people out their who have no one to do the same for them? When there are people who no longer have the ability to raise anything for others themselves?

I lost two people who I held close to my heart to Cystic Fibrosis. One was completely unexpected and the other brought peace to someone who had been long sick and tired. The hardest part of losing my friends to CF was that they were both younger then I was. Life just felt so out of order knowing that they’d passed and I would continue to live. They say in war when others die and you live you feel a survivors guilt,  I can only imagine that is what it feels like.

I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with them and for the memories we shared. It is my goal to bring justice to their loss, and to put meaning behind it. I will do all I can to help cure this disease, not for myself but so no one else has to lose their friends, or their family.

The last year of my life has been a roller coaster. I started living a dream that was better then I could have ever imagined, and I let it be taken away from me. The hardest decision in my life came from leaving my college program with Disney, I made a decision to put my health 100% ahead of my career ambitions. I have been questioned about that decision, and i have regretted that decision but no matter how angry I get with myself for not being healthier then part of me will always be grateful that I made that tough decision. In the time I left Disney and came home for treatment my health continued to decline and it still is today. I’ve reached a point right now where I am not sure if I will be physically able to complete my marathon in a year goal. I have to say the anxiety that thought has given me is becoming more crippling everyday. It will break my heart if I am unable to accomplish my goal because I will have let myself down, and the people that I am running for.

While the anxiety is building and my hopes begins to darken I know that no matter how many miles I run or how many miles I don’t, that I will still be fighting for them every second. That I will be fighting for myself. I’ve spent a long time trying to be more selfless, and I spend a lot of effort trying to be a kinder person though that doesn’t always work in my favor. I no longer want to be ashamed to say that I am fighting for myself, that I am running just because I want to be proud of myself.

I deserve to be proud of myself.

The Struggle

I have been struggling for the past few weeks with my running. I took a week off because I had to travel out of state for a wedding, and running just did not make it into my schedule while I was gone. When I got home I tried going for a shorter walk just up and down my road and I really struggled to do that. I have been on a couple walks since then and each has left me feeling far worse then I had before. Over the past week I have become incredibly discouraged to the point where it’s been keeping me up at night, and when I do fall asleep I have nightmares about not being able to finish the 10 mile run I have in October. 

Tonight I made the goal to go for a 5k walk, but I hit about 1 1/2 and I had to turn back and head home. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and I was in quite a bit of chest pain. I was just so frustrated with myself that I wanted to cry. It is normal for me to be on IV antibiotics to treat my Pseudomonas  every three months and September marks my third month/ I was really hoping that all this exercise would have good impact on my health and help me delay that hospitalization. I am afraid my ambitions were to hopeful and that it may not be the case. 

I am not giving up though, far from it! This is just motivation for me to try harder and keep going! I am sorry it’s been so long since I posted I will start being better about that. I have some cool pictures and a story about the wedding I went to I will share soon. There is actually little about the wedding more about how i got there. It was my first ever train ride! and maybe also my last.

The ride of a life time!

Earlier this week I was granted an opportunity to visit the Michigan International Speedway for a business meeting. I was able to watch a presentation about sponsorship opportunities and with the speedway and one of the racing teams, we also went on a tour of the facility, oh and got to ride around the track with Michael Waltrip. I have to admit I have never been a huge Nascar fan. I love racing but I tend to lean more towards drag racing rather than oval track. Even with my limited Nascar knowledge I knew exactly who Michael Waltrip is.

I was surprised by Michael Waltrips presence, when he arrived at the speedway his people were in the middle of giving a presentation but he decided that he wanted to give a quick word and introduce himself and talk about his Racing team. It was very easy to see the level of respect that he had for his drivers and the employee’s, but the respect they had in return was obvious too. Michael started his speech with a story about his previous day. He was invited to a dirt race the night before over in Winnipeg Canada, he figured that Canada was right on top of Michigan so it would just be a short trip down for the event, well Canada is above a lot of other states too like North Dakota. His short trip turned into a longer one really quick.

It wasn’t long before it was time to hop in the car. Michael Waltrip and Clint Boyer were there to give people an exhilarating ride around the track. I knew right away that I wanted to be in a car with Michael Waltrip, with his reputation and history I knew it would be a memorable and once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have a couple video’s form the experience! One is an in car look and the other is a day at the track overview.

Check out this video to get a quick glimpse at the day!

Check out this video to see what I’m like running around the track.

The car reaches speeds of 165 MPH and we made 3 laps around the track. It was an amazing experience. I was pretty surprised to see a lot of the men and women at the meeting were so nervous and intimidated. Really there isn’t a safer car to be in with all the safety equipment, and a professional driver. I think my history of drag racing gave me a better mental preparation because I wasn’t scared at all, in fact if you watch the video I was ready to go faster.

I couldn’t have been more grateful for this opportunity! I have to send a huge thank you to the Michigan International Speedway for hoisting this event and giving me the opportunity to come out and to the Michael Waltrip racing team for coming all the way out to MIS to give us a great ride! I hope I have the opportunity to do business with both of you in the future.