There is no place like home!

After spending a week in the hospital I was finally able to go home yesterday afternoon. The best news that the doctors didn’t find and sign of outside infection. My doctor was really concerned after the symptoms I showed that I might have a blood infection, especially since I have a history of one, but all my blood work came back clean! They even got my med port drawing blood again. The doctors were also able to change my medications around and get my pain under control. I still have another two week of IV antibiotics, but I can finally see some results.
I was able to make it home yesterday around 5:30, but my mom and dad took me out to dinner in order to celebrate my return home and to give me a proper birthday dinner. My birthday was Tuesday and my family was really generous and came to visit me in the hospital and they brought me outback steak house for dinner! It was nice though to be able to go out to dinner with my family and enjoy some real food.
This morning we all packed up and headed towards Lake Michigan to our summer vacation trailer by the Silver Lake sand dunes in Mears MI. We will be here for another couple days enjoying kicking some sand and cooking out!
For the best news of all though. This evening I went on my first walk in nearly a month! I walked about a half a mile with my dad and his dog. It was so great, I didn’t have to stop to take a break or anything! I haven’t been able to walk like that in a long time! I am so excited to be able to get back on track in my training, and to keep progressing towards my marathon in a year.
Wish me luck!


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