Camping, Sand and personal records

This weekend my family took off and went over to Mears MI over by Lake Michigan. I fully intended to bring my Garmin and my sneakers, but as I walked out of the house with my backpack I did not. It happens right? We all forget things! It ended up being pretty chilly, but I did do a little bit of walking nothing worth really writing about. On another note we had a great time playing in the Silver Lake sand dunes! My family got a new sand toy over the winter and this was our first weekend taking it out.

Adaline at the Sand Dunes                    Lake Michigan Silver Lake Sand Dunes

We left went up Friday afternoon and came back earlier today (sunday). It was an exhausting, long weekend.  Tonight I went for my first real walk in a few days and it didn’t quite get everything out of it that I wanted, but I did set my first real Personal Record!

Walk- 5/11/2014


I really set out on my walk this evening with the goal of running more. My goal at the start was to go 3k, but I made it about 1k and I almost turned around and went home because I really wasn’t feeling well, but I pressed on anyway. I was striving to get my Kilometer time under 10 minutes, and I did a few short runs for about 30 seconds each, but I really pushed myself to hard. It took me longer to recover then the running was worth on my overall time.  I did eventually discovered that I can handle a 5 second run with a 30 second walk. It’s not much, but it is a start! I was excited when I plugged in my Garmin and the results came up that my mile time was down to 19 minute mile.  It is important to get my mile down to at least 15 minutes because that is the time limit for both of the runs I am participating in this year. I know those last four minutes aren’t going to come off easily, but with some time and hard work I can do it!
Wish me luck!



    1. Oh absolutely! The last time I had my lung function checked it was around 35% I believe. That is such a kind think to say, thank you! That really means a lot to me!

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