some nights you just need a hug

This will just be a short update of the past couple days because it is after 1am here and while I have nothing to wake up early for I am not usually a night owl.

I’ll admit i haven’t walked in two days. My excuse for yesterday is that the house was a bag of cats! My dad left for Australia this afternoon and they were making sure everything was situated for that. So far he is safe in Los Angeles his flight leaves soon for Australia and then he will be back in a week! I admit my Dad being gone on international flights like that makes me nervous. I am a Daddy’s girl 100% and I just worry about him.

My excuse for not walking today is less of an excuse and more of a real reason. I was having a hard CF day. I haven’t slept through a whole night in about 2 months and the lack of sleep is just crashing down on me, to top it off I started running a fever of 102 for reasons unknown. I just relaxed and laid on the couch after I made dinner, I’ve done the whole ignoring your sick thing and that does me no favors. I had a goal today to walk a 5k, but I think i’m going to extend that to by the end of next week and since I am adding extra time I will add that I want to do a 5k in an hour or less by Sunday May 4th!

My dad and I did go on a walk wednesday though! We’re going farther and faster which is great! We did .94 miles in about 30 minutes. That may not seem like the most impressive time, but I am proud to be able to go that far. It is so exciting to me to see even the slightest improvements and I can’t wait until my 10 mile run and half marathon!

I would also like to put a shout out to a couple of my best friends Hillary, Jen and Kayla! When I have bad CF days I tend to complain a lot, but they’re always right there to offer a hug and listen to my griping. I try not to talk to much about my Cystic Fibrosis because it can be annoying and hard to listen to and even hard to understand at times, but they always offer a smiley face and comforting words.

So readers if you’re out there, I am always here to be the hug you need on a bad day.


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