Alarm Clocks, College meetings and Super heroes… Oh my

Do you ever have those nights where you think, okay i’m going to bed early to catch up on some sleep, I don’t have to be awake until 10 tomorrow and I’m going to sleep through it all! But then you wake up around 5:30 because you sleep in the basement and someone is awake up stairs, and then against at 6:30 because you were a moron and didn’t turn your alarm off, and yet again at 7:30 because you have a panic attack that you over slept and missed your 11:30 meeting? Well it was that kind of a night for me.

After trying to calm myself down for a few minutes and go back to sleep yet again I gave up and decided to start the day. I stuck with my usual morning medication plan and decided to switch it up after that. I had been meaning to try getting into some kind of after wake up stretching routine and I thought yoga might be a good thing for me. I googled beginners yoga poses (because i’m not daring enough for anything further then that) and I started to test them out. Having Cystic Fibrosis working on breathing exercises is important for me and my past as a singer (college nothing professional) to really take the time to breathe deep and properly. I thought I would do great at yoga, i have a pretty good sense of balance and flexibility range and I’m always looking to improve both of those.

I started out with the Mountain Pose (I hope i get these names right). I found it a bit difficult to breathe in deep being so outstretched but who doesn’t love a good stretch? So I kept going and then moved into the Warrior. Now this pose is my favorite I mean probably because it’s the easiest but I also really enjoy the leg stretching too.I am going off for these poses and all that and they say hold each side for 1 minutes. I was doing pretty good on my first side held out the full minute but I started to notice that my breathing was way to shallow on my second one. I took a minute to compose myself before I moved on and then I gracelessly moved into the tree pose.

The tree pose was more of a challenge for me then i thought it would be. I can balance on one leg pretty well, but putting my arms up threw me off balance every time. The longest hold I had in this pose was maybe 30 seconds probably closer to 15. I couldn’t relax in this pose either, it just made me frustrated so i moved on.

I went into the triangle pose more confident because it reminded me of the warrior one and I knew I could handle it, well I thought I could. I started out with the right side and it only took a couple of seconds before I had a searing pain in my chest. Now any intelligent person would have realized they reached their cap and stopped, but I however was determined. I held each side for a full minute, and by the time I was finished my lungs thought I was being stabbed in the ribs.

Still being stubborn and refusing to give up I did a final pose called the child. I will say this one is also a the for being my favorite because it was so relaxing and soothing I could have fallen asleep like that.

After my war with yoga I felt like I had run a mile. Who knew such simple stretching could make your body so angry? As I mentioned previously I did have a meeting at 11:30 today, it was over the University of Michigan in Flint with my new advisor! I am very excited to say that I now a visual communications major at U of M. I can’t wait to start classes at the end of June and to complete my Bachelors degree and move into a serious career. After my successful meeting I returned home and met up with my mom and we went shopping for Easter dinner on Sunday. I have the joy of making a Prime Rib (my first). I think it’s safe to say (without offending my mother) that I am the chef of the house. I enjoy cooking and creating new dishes and experimenting with flavors, it is a passion for me! After all everyone needs to it right? So it should all be delicious!
I even made dinner this evening. I prepared a marinaded and grilled flank steak (another first for me) with sliced grilled potatoes and steamed green beans. I was actually surprised when it turned out to be really good, being my first flank steak I was scared it would be tough but it was fantastic!

Right from Dinner one of my good friends Travis picked me up and we headed off to the movies! He really wanted to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and while I admit I seen it opening day. I always jump at the opportunity to see the Marvel movies in theaters, no matter how many times I’m repeating. Oh and if you haven’t seen the Winter Soldier go, drop whatever you’re about to do and go, I’ll still be here when you get back. Movies is another passion I have. I love everything from the acting to the set design and the film scoring. I was determined to be a film score writer at one point and it’s still a buried dream that I have, you never know right? I actually have a pretty extensive collection of movies though most are Disney movies, I love collecting new titles.

That was my day which all leads up to now, which i am sitting on my bed typing this out in the silence. My sore chest led me through the rest of my day, I am hoping it will subside so I can get the sleep that I lacked last night! I rightfully set my alarm for 6:30 this time though. My goal is to be to work by 8:15. The earlier I get there the more hours I can collect, and with all these Disney trips coming up I am going to need ever second I can get!

Wish me luck!

P.S: I plan to start my running/walking adventure soon, we got snow the other day and today was the first day we got over 41 again.



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