A day in the life

I was hoping tonight would be the night I start exercising and walking but we got our first thunderstorm of the year! Which consisted of 75 MPH winds and an inch or two of hail. The winds knocked out the power and we are in high alert of falling tree branches so over all we’re keeping it inside. I’ll start my journey tomorrow!

Instead of hearing a riveting tail about the mile I didn’t get to walk I’ll give a brief overview of a day in my life. My life isn’t bursting with thrill and adventure on the daily, but it will help give an idea who I am and hopefully inspire me to make the changes to keep being better!

Lately my sleep pattern has been a mess. I only get a handful of hours of sleep if i’m lucky, I have a hard time laying at any kind of slant because I can’t breathe and I will start coughing.
I wake up in the morning between 8:30-9:00am on average and the first thing I do is my morning albuterol treatment. If I try to get out of bed before doing my first breathing treatment it will take me about 20 minutes of recovery because I just can’t breathe.

After that is finished I go upstairs to get my second breathing treatment (Pulmozyne). I usually grab a water from the cupboard and then head back downstairs to finish off my morning treatments. After I do my second breathing treatment I do my vest. Now the Vest is basically what it sounds like, it’s a vest I put on that connects to a machine that allows the vest to inflate then it shakes at frequencies I control. The shaking motion helps to break the mucus off the lungs of my walls allowing me to cough it up and making breathing easier. I do the Vest for two 10 minute sessions, one shaking fast at a lower pressure and one at a high pressure shaking more slowly.  My morning treatments take about an hour, they can’t be done together or out of order or I won’t get the best benefit from them.

I admit while doing my morning treatments I usually scope out Facebook or watch morning cartoons (somethings you never out grow).

Usually after my morning treatments I do my homework. I currently attend online classes at Iowa Central Community College, I am taking Math for Liberal Arts and it is my last class before finishing my associates degree! I have 6 weeks left and I couldn’t be more excited to get it behind me! Math class can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. I struggle greatly with math and the frustration provides me with a great desire for distraction which I cave into often.

After math I freelance. If it is a week day I might go to work. I work part time in an office and there isn’t always work for me to do so I don’t work everyday (to my dismay). On days I don’t go to work I do nothing, nothing productive at least (this is what I’m hoping to change). I could give a thousand excuses as to why I do nothing or what I’m really doing, but I hate excuses and it wouldn’t amount to much.

When the clock strikes 11:00am (if i’m not at work) I will go out to lunch with my mom. If you notice I didn’t write about breakfast and that is because I don’t usually eat it. Lunch will consist of anything in the Linden/Fenton/Flint area and is usually something we’ve both had a hundred times even though we’ll spend 10 minutes stating all we want is something new.

Lunch comes and goes and my mom and I usually make a trip over to the local grocery store to pick up any last minute things we may need for dinner. Dinner being whatever sounds good to most of the household granted we all have different tastes and ideas of what is good (me being the most picky it seems).

The grocery store becomes a speck on the rear view mirror as we make our way home. We’re welcomed home by our dogs Bear our Keeshond being the most eager to see us after he stops barking because he realizes he knows who we are and our other dog Christy being only excited because it means she gets out of the house away from Bear. The cats in the house don’t care if we come home at all, unless they’re outside and need to be let back in to get a drink, because the lake across the street isn’t good enough for them.

The welcome home gets overstayed and the family pets quickly become bored of our return and move on to their much more exciting lives and then it is just my mom and I waiting until she has to pick my sister up off the school bus. We usually watch Roseanne, that is one of our favorite TV shows. She has seen every episode and I’ve only seen a handful, but we always joke about how our family is similar and how realistically funny it is. She usually leaves to pick up my sister after a couple episodes and I head off to do whatever it is I do which for the second time that day seems to be nothing.

The one productive thing I do is another Albuterol treatment. It’s usually around this time I start having a hard time breathing again and need the extra boost. Other then that I really couldn’t tell you what it is I do. It is a combination of Facebook games, chatting with my friends and taking buzz feed quizzes because it’s important that I know which vegetable I am. I don’t understand how I can spend hours doing it, but I do. It’ll be around 4:00pm when I go back upstairs, I usually have to help make something for dinner, or just make dinner itself.

Dinner ends and sometimes there is dessert to be made, but I don’t eat sweets or most of those kinds of things so I just go back to my room downstairs.
It’s a few more hours of chatting with my friends and the same ole nothing as before. It is around 9:00-10:00pm when I venture back into doing another Albuterol treatment and the Vest again. I do the Vest again for two 10 minute sets. I have to stay awake for at least another 30 minutes after doing the Vest. If I try to lay down too soon all the mucus that I just shook free will choke me. The extra 30 minutes is usually enough time to cough up all the extra stuff that I broke off the walls of my lungs. Then I attempt to lay down and get some sleep, which lately hasn’t been an easy task. It’s usually around 4:30am when I finally get in a good position that is comfortable and sitting up enough where I won’t cough to often.



So my life may not be a page turner, I am hoping to use this blog to turn things around and to become more adventurous! I don’t want to spend my time in the nothing zone i’m ready to jump off this train and into something better! Of course the hardest part of making a big jump is the courage to do it. I hope I can find that, I hope I can grow and continue to change into the person I want to be.

Today is an important day to me. Today is the two year anniversary of the passing of a good friend of mine. She also had Cystic Fibrosis and she was younger then I was. I was sitting in my dorm room when I got the text that she had gotten admitted for a routine tune up and her body just couldn’t handle anymore. It was 1 day, she was up laughing one day and gone the next. I just couldn’t understand how that could happen and part of me still doesn’t understand. I still have days where I think of her and want to send her a text and sometimes I still text her old number just to get that error message that comes out. I keep her memory close to me everyday. Any day could be that one day and I can’t stand the thought of her loss not weighing enough on me to make these basic changes to have a more fulfilling life.

That is my goal for 2014 to celebrate everyday!


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